Announcing: The Giveaway Gal {Sister Site}

March 25, 2010

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I am very pleased to announce the official launch of The Giveaway Gal – a new sister site to Dealafina. The Giveaway Gal, a giveaway listing site, will publish new giveaways each and every day! You will be able to discover new Giveaways occurring all over the internet, with eligibility ranging from US Only, to International acceptance.

The Giveaway Gal

The Giveaways listed on The Giveaway Gal are hosted elsewhere, which allows for more time to devote to just Giveaways. Dealafina will continue to host sponsored Giveaways, and in fact, there are several already scheduled to occur over the next few weeks. So don’t fret, Giveaways are not leaving Dealafina! In fact, by having a Giveaway sister site, you can expect more Giveaways HERE in the near future. So please don’t worry, there is a lot more planned for Dealafina!

For Giveaway enthusiasts, if you head over to The Giveaway Gal you will find recently published Giveaways that include prizes ranging from a $15 Amazon gift card, all the way to a $1400 jogger stroller (Zigo Leader X2). Simply find what you like, and hop on over to the Giveaway host so you can enter to win.

For fellow bloggers, you may submit the Giveaways you are hosting either through the Submit a Giveaway form, or the Win it Wednesday Linky.

And last but not least, you may also follow The Giveaway Gal via the Facebook Page, or Twitter.

And now, back to our regularly planned schedule of deal finding!

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