Free Emergen-C Samples and Recipe Kit

March 2, 2010

in Freebies

If you haven’t tried Emergen-C before, now is the time to get a free sample, AND recipe kit! I have almost shared a free sample offer for them before, but their main site has flash and I wasn’t able to link directly to the free sample. Yeah for non-flash promos! Tip: their main site does often have a free sample…

Their free sample application is straightforward and does not require you to sign up for the email newsletter. It does provide some nice friendly snark, which, I applaud in forms.


I am signing up to get the Maui Wowee Recipe Kit! Which flavor will you choose?

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manda peel March 13, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Great find – I love freebies! I’m going for that Maui Wowee too.

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