Free Movie Passes to Studio Movie Grill Fans

March 3, 2010

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Oh my goodness. Studio Movie Grill is campaigning to increase their Facebook Fan count, in the most marvelous way ever. If they can reach 25,000 Facebook Fans by March 4th – EACH FAN will receive two free admissions.

I checked their Facebook Fan page count, and then I refreshed the page. Their fans are increasing by the second, so I think they have a chance!

Studio Movie Grill has several Texas locations, including: Addison, Arlington, Lewisville, Plano, Dallas, Copperfield, and CityCentre.

Since yours truly is located in Texas, I will humbly ask that you fan them so maybe I can go to the movies in March and go see Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. Hey, I can ask that, right?

Studio Movie Grill

If nothing else, you can become a Fan of Studio Movie Grill just to see if this will work, it’s a fun social experiment!

*** UPDATE 3/3/10 *** Studio Movie Grill DID it! They grew by over 10k Facebook Fans in just a few days! If you are local to the above listed locations, go sign up for your free movie passes now! Their server is having a tiny bit of trouble with all the activity, so if you have trouble, just give it some time and try again later. The link for the free passes will be available on their site until March 11, 2010. Thank you if you fanned them because I asked you to, because now my husband and I are going to go see a movie this month, because of YOU! Thanks!

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