Free Pen: Catch it if You Can

January 17, 2010

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I think there is a free pen up for grabs from uni-ball. They are only giving away 10,000 pens each day – beginning at Noon CST. This means that I have not yet actually been able to sign up for one, because every time I think about it, I go to the site to find out I’m too late for the day and they’ve given away their supply. The offer page does not mention the 10,000 limit, but that number is quoted on several blogs when I researched the offer so I’ll go with it.

I wish you luck grabbing your free pen, they sound kinda cool (“super ink technology” that helps “prevent check fraud”). And, if you’re interested in following a PEN on Twitter, you can do that… but… do you really want to follow a pen?

UPDATE (1-19-10): I WAS able to submit  a request for a free pen today! Don’t forget to apply for yours before the offer expires!

Free Pen

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