Free Stickers for Compassionate Day 2010

February 23, 2010

in Freebies

In honor of Compassionate Day 2010*, I have assembled a collection of FREE items you can register for that may inspire some, compassion…

To help practice “Bear Safety in Alaska” you can be a noisy hiker, sing, wear a bell, or sign up for this free Bear Safety packet and sticker!

Use your “Give Wildlife a Brake” free bumper sticker to help spread the word about the Humane Society.

Declare your unity with other Birders.

Enjoy a free Life’s a Dog bumper sticker, because it’s cute!

Life's a Dog

Choose a “Going, Going” or “Conserve” Rainforest Alliance sticker.

Let people know your Wombat can kick their you-know-what with a free bumper sticker.

Teach your children about protecting wildlife with a free subscription to PETA’s Kid’s Guide to Helping Animals magazine (stickers are included).

Declare your intentions to your fellow motorists to TryVeg.

Forget Veg and go Vegan (wait, sorry, no stickers there).

Q: Is today really Compassionate Day?
A: It is if you want it to be!

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