Free: “You’re Great!” Stickers

February 11, 2010

in Freebies

Make someone’s day, and give them a smile.

You have the power to change the world.

It’s true. What you do and say affects the mood of everyone around you. And they, in turn, affect the mood of everyone around them, and so on. If you talk with just two people today who each talk with two people who each talk with two people, by the end of the day your actions could be affecting the way hundreds, if not thousands, of people feel. And that makes a big difference! Happy people are healthier, more easy-going and more rational than unhappy people. So by making just a few people happier every day, you help create a more peaceful world.

So how about giving someone a “You’re great!” sticker? The folks at hopeful art are giving them away so you can give away some free smiles.

 You're Great Stickers

There’s nothing to apply for, just send your name and street address to, and they will send you some free stickers! If you think this is a cool deal and would like to help keep this going, they have a “donate” button available on the free sticker page.


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